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ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

June 2001

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Number of papers: 35

  1. The Digital Atheneum: New Approaches for Preserving, Restoring and Analyzing Damaged Manuscripts

    Michael S. Brown & W Brent Seales

    There are now major efforts being undertaken throughout the world to digitize and preserve significant materials. Digital acquisition, which is the conversion of physical materials into a digital... More

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  2. Building a Hypertextual Digital Library in the Humanities: A Case Study on London

    Gregory Crane, David A. Smith & Clifford E. Wulfman

    This paper describes the creation of a new humanities digital library collection: 11,000,000 words and 10,000 images representing books, images, and maps on pre-twentieth century London and its... More

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  3. Looking at Digital Library Usability from a Reuse Perspective

    Tamara Sumner & Melissa Dawe

    The need for information systems to support the dissemination and reuse of educational resources has sparked a number of large-scale digital library efforts. This article describes usability... More

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  4. Dynamic Digital Libraries for Children

    Yin Leng Theng, Norliza Mohd-Nasir, George Buchanan, Bob Fields, Harold Thimbleby & Noel Cassidy

    The design of systems, including digital libraries, is often inspired by what technology makes possible. In user-centered design, design emphasizes users, their tasks and needs. The majority of... More

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  5. Designing a Digital Library for Young Children: An Intergenerational Partnership

    Allison Druin, Benjamin B. Bederson, Juan Pablo Hourcade, Lisa Sherman, Glenda Revelle, Michele Platner & Stacy Weng

    As more information resources become accessible using computers, the digital interfaces to those resources need to be appropriate for all people. However, when it comes to digital libraries, the... More

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  6. HeinOnline: An Online Archive of Law Journals

    Richard J. Marisa

    Law is grounded in the past, in the decisions and reasoning of generations of lawyers, judges, juries, and professors. Ready access to this history is vital to solid legal research, and yet, until ... More

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  7. An Algorithm for Automated Rating of Reviewers

    Tracy Riggs & Robert Wilensky

    The current system for scholarly information dissemination may be amenable to significant improvement. In particular, going from the current system of journal publication to one of self-distributed... More

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  8. Hermes: A Notification Service for Digital Libraries

    D Faensen, L Faulstich, H Schweppe, A Hinze & A Steidinger

    The high publication rate of scholarly material makes searching and browsing an inconvenient way to keep oneself up-to-date. Instead of being the active part in information access, researchers want... More

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  9. Cost-Driven Design for Archival Repositories

    Arturo Crespo & Hector Garcia-Molina

    Digital information can be lost for a variety of reasons, including magnetic decay, format and device obsolescence, human or system error, among many others. A solution is to build an archival... More

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  10. Creating Trading Networks of Digital Archives

    Brian Cooper & Hector Garcia-Molina

    Digital materials are vulnerable to a number of different kinds of failures, including decay of the digital media, loss due to hackers and viruses, accidental deletions, natural disasters, and... More

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  11. Long Term Preservation of Digital Information

    Raymond A. Lorie

    The preservation of digital data for the long term presents a variety of challenges from technical to social and organizational. The technical challenge is to ensure that the information, generated... More

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  12. PERSIVAL, a System for Personalized Search and Summarization over Multimedia Healthcare Information

    Kathleen R. McKeown, Shih-Fu Chang, James Cimino, Steven K. Feiner, Carol Friedman, Luis Gravano, Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou, Steven Johnson, Desmond A. Jordan, Judith L. Klavans, Andre Kushniruk, Vimla Patel & Simone Teufel

    This paper reports on the ongoing development of PERSIVAL (Personalized Retrieval and Summarization of Image, Video, and Language), a system designed to provide personalized access to a distributed... More

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  13. Toward a Model of Self-Administering Data

    ByungHoon Kang & Robert Wilensky

    This paper describes a model of self-administering data. In this model, a declarative description of how a data object should behave is attached to the object, either by a user or by a data input... More

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  14. Design Principles for the Information Architecture of a SMET Education Digital Library

    Andy Dong & Alice M. Agogino

    This implementation paper introduces principles for the information architecture of an educational digital library, principles that address the distinction between designing digital libraries for... More

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  15. Design of a Digital Library for Human Movement

    Jezekiel Ben-Arie, Purvin Pandit & ShyamSundar Rajaram

    This paper is focused on a central aspect in the design of a planned digital library for human movement, i.e. on the aspect of representation and recognition of human activity from video data. The ... More

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  16. XSLT for Tailored Access to a Digital Video Library

    Michael G. Christel, Bryan Maher & Andrew Begun

    The Informedia Project at Carnegie Mellon University has created a multi-terabyte digital video library consisting of thousands of hours of video, segmented into over 50,000 stories, or documents. ... More

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  17. Cumulating and Sharing End Users' Knowledge To Improve Video Indexing in a Video Digital Library

    Marc Nanard & Jocelyne Nanard

    This paper focuses on a user driven approach to improve video indexing. It consists in cumulating the large amount of small, individual efforts done by the users who access information, and to... More

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  18. Scalable Integrated Region-Based Image Retrieval Using IRM and Statistical Clustering

    James Z. Wang & Yanping Du

    Statistical clustering is critical in designing scalable image retrieval systems. This paper presents a scalable algorithm for indexing and retrieving images based on region segmentation. The... More

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  19. Hierarchical Indexing and Document Matching in BoW

    Maayan Geffet & Dror G. Feitelson

    An obvious and natural approach to organizing a large corpus of data is a hierarchical index--akin to a book's table of contents. The type of corpus dealt with here is a bibliographical repository,... More

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  20. Music-Notation Searching and Digital Libraries

    Donald Byrd

    Almost all work on music information retrieval to date has concentrated on music in the audio and event (normally MIDI) domains. However, music in the form of notation, especially Conventional... More

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