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Association for Educational Communications and Technology Annual Meeting

February 1996

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 3

  1. Designing Multimedia for the Hypertext Markup Language

    Richard A. Schwier & Earl R. Misanchuk

    Dynamic discussions have begun to emerge concerning style of presentation on world wide web sites. Some hypertext markup language (HTML) designers seek an intimate and chatty ambience, while others... More

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  2. Computer Graphics and Metaphorical Elaboration for Learning Science Concepts

    Lih-Juan ChanLin & Kung-Chi Chan

    This study explores the instructional impact of using computer multimedia to integrate metaphorical verbal information into graphical representations of biotechnology concepts. The combination of... More

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  3. Distance Education: By Design or Default?

    Donald P. Ely

    Technology is often the driving force in the distance education movement, rather than the needs or educational problems that exist and need to be addressed. This paper considers the questions that ... More

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