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Annual Convention of the Association for Educational Communication and Technology

February 1999

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 5

  1. Teacher In-Service Multimedia Training: A View of Outcomes from a Situated Learning Perspective

    Elena Znamenskaia, Yi Guan & Michael F. Young

    This paper is based on observations of ten middle and high school science teachers in a multimedia workshop during the fall semester of 1997 in a large Northeastern public university. The workshop ... More

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  2. Teacher In-Service Training and the Incorporation of Technology into Teaching

    Heidi L. Schnackenberg

    This paper describes the teacher inservice training that was developed as the result of a technology needs assessment at two elementary schools in Quebec. The workshop was developed as an initial... More

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  3. Teaching Learning Theories Via the Web

    Heidi L. Schnackenberg

    This paper describes a World Wide Web site on learning theories, developed as a class assignment for a course on learning and instructional theories at Concordia University (Quebec). Groups of two ... More

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  4. Teacher In-Service Training, Technology, and Front-End Analysis. A Needs Assessment Report

    Heidi L. Schnackenberg, Krista Luik, Yael Nisan & Colleen Servant

    This paper reports on a needs assessment, conducted in two elementary schools in Quebec, that examined the use that teachers are making of the computer facilities, as well as their skill and... More

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  5. The Education Forum: A Web-Based Resource for Teachers

    Heidi L. Schnackenberg, Jennison Asuncion & Dean Rosler

    One of the issues surrounding the successful integration of technology into teaching practices is teachers' lack of time to develop or modify lesson plans, units, or curricula to incorporate... More

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