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Mid-South Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

Nov 05, 2014

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Number of papers: 3

  1. Impact of Student Calculator Use on the 2013 NAEP Twelfth-Grade Mathematics Assessment

    Beverly M. Klecker & Richard L. Klecker

    This descriptive research study examined 2013 NAEP 12th-grade mathematics scores by students' use of graphing calculators in math classes and the kind of calculator students used during NAEP... More

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  2. Effect on Reading Fluency of Struggling Third Grade Students: Computer-Assisted Intervention versus Teacher-Guided Intervention

    Corey Martin, Jaime Elfreth & Jay Feng

    This research study examined two intervention programs, Read Naturally (computer-assisted) and The Six-Minute Solution (teacher-guided), for the purpose of finding their effects on reading fluency ... More

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  3. Illuminating Apps for Fourth Grade

    Lesia Lennex & Emily Bodenlos

    Elementary science is chock-full of wonderful experiences for students. Do children see iPads as a tool for learning about science? Using Prensky (2010) as a guide, the researchers decided to see... More

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