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ASCILITE - Australian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education Annual Conference


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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 167

  1. Student centred teaching of accounting to engineering students: Comparing blended learning with traditional approaches

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    pp. 1-9

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  2. The impact of audience response systems in a multicultural Asian context

    Rozz J Albon & Tony Jewels

    pp. 10-19

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  3. Differentiating the curriculum: A lot of effort for little gain

    Susan Atkins, Gayl O'Connor & Leanne Rowe

    pp. 20-25

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  4. Virtuality, veracity and values: Exploring between virtual and real worlds using the 3V model

    Simon Atkinson & Kevin Burden

    pp. 26-31

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  5. Teaching business English to adult Malay learners: the potential of agent technology

    Harmi Izzuan Bin Baharum & Alexei Tretiakov

    pp. 32-37

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  6. Redesigning a more learner centred prescribing curriculum for medical students

    Karen Baskett, Gosia Mendrela & Meg Stuart

    pp. 38-40

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  7. The impact of faculty interaction on the learning experience and outcomes of online learners

    Kanishka Bedi & Helen Lange

    pp. 41-50

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  8. Learning designs: Bridging the gap between theory and practice

    Sue Bennett, Shirley Agostinho, Lori Lockyer, Lisa Kosta, Jennifer Jones, Rob Koper & Barry Harper

    pp. 51-60

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  9. Teaching in context: Some implications for e-learning design

    Robyn Benson & Gayani Samarawickrema

    pp. 61-70

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  10. E-teachers at work: Exploring a process for reviewing e-teaching for ongoing professional learning

    Stephen Bright

    pp. 71-74

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  11. E-learning policy issues: Global trends, themes and tensions

    Mark Brown, Bill Anderson & Fiona Murray

    pp. 75-81

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  12. Showcasing Mahara: A new open source eportfolio

    Mark Brown, Bill Anderson, Mary Simpson & Gordon Suddaby

    pp. 82-84

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  13. Commonalities in an uncommon profession: Bomb disposal

    Edwin Bundy & Roderick Sims

    pp. 85-95

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  14. Jumping on the <I>YouTube</I> bandwagon? Using digital video clips to develop personalised learning strategies

    Kevin Burden & Simon Atkinson

    pp. 96-98

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  15. Learning challenges faced by novice programming students studying high level and low feedback concepts

    Matthew Butler & Michael Morgan

    pp. 99-107

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  16. Documenting learning environments and experiences

    Leanne Cameron

    pp. 108-117

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  17. Help options in computer based listening activities: Learning scaffolds or barriers?

    S C

    pp. 118-122

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  18. From repositories supported by communities to communities supported by repositories: Issues and lessons learned

    Tom Carey

    pp. 123-128

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  19. Just in time teaching revisited: Using e-assessment and rapid e-learning to empower face to face teaching

    Allan Carrington & Ian Green

    pp. 129-131

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  20. Choice, communication and learner autonomy: The development of social competence skills using podcasting technologies

    Anthony Chan & Catherine McLoughlin

    pp. 132-134

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