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Asian Journal of Distance Education

Volume 8, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. e-Learning Courseware for French: a Pilot Study in Thailand

    Soudaya Orprayoon, Rangsit University, Thailand

    The purposes of this research is to design and develop two lessons of courseware for French V course : Décrire des Mouvements and Les Subjonctifs et l’Expression de la Concession ; to study the... More

    pp. 4-20

  2. Communication Strategies in Mobile-Phone Interactions in Taiwan

    Maria N. Cusipag & Yen-Yen Chen, Shu Zen College of Medicine and Management, Taiwan

    The research study investigated the oral communication strategies used by fort y-eight Taiwanese students of Shu Zen College of Medicine and Management (SZMC) majoring in English. The students were... More

    pp. 21-36

  3. Blended Learning for Teaching Vocabulary in Baharin

    Abeer Aidh Alshwiah, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia

    The current study aimed to investigat e the effects of a proposed bl ended l earning strategy in t eaching medical vocabulary at Arabian Gul f University (AGU) on pre-medical students’ achievement. More

    pp. 37-52

  4. Distance Education for the Garment Industry in India

    Veena Rao, Sikkim Manipal University, India

    The paper focuses on the Distance Education programmes centering on garment sector in the post Multi Fibre Arrangement (MFA) context. It revolves round the fact that, even though the garment... More

    pp. 53-62

  5. An Interactive Virtual Fitting Room for Improved Service in Taiwan

    Ying-Hsiu Chen, National Chen Kung University, Taiwan; Wen-Cheng Wang, Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology, Taiwan

    Along with the growth of the on-line shopping web sites, the actual requirements of the users about the On-Line Int eractive Fitting Room service quality and how to assist the users in the process ... More

    pp. 63-80

  6. Distance Education for Law Promotes Gender Equality in Bangladesh

    Nahid Ferdousi, Bangladesh Open University, Bangladesh

    Education is regarded as an instrument of change and transformation of society. Women status in the society and education are interrelated. Bangladesh is a highly dense country with low literacy ... More

    pp. 81-68

  7. Project Evaluation Measures for Quality Assurance in India

    Ram Chandra, Indria Gandhi National Open University, India; V.P. Rupam & Pooja Thakur, Indira Gandhi National Open University, India

    IGNOU offers more than 300 programmes including Certificate, Advanced Certi ficate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Degree, Master and Ph.D. programmes. Majority of thes e programmes are offered through... More

    pp. 87-118

  8. Non-Academic Counselling in Distance Learner Support

    Olugbenga David Ojo, National Open University of Nigeria, Nigeria

    Counselling purposefully helps the clients to improve their well-being, alleviate distress, resolve crises, and increase their ability to be creative, innovative and make success- focused decisions... More

    pp. 119-126