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International Journal of Designs for Learning

Oct 30, 2012 Volume 3, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Models and Design Judgment: Conflicting Perspectives on Redesigning a Doctoral Readings Course

    Colin Gray, Jiyoon Jung, Carol Watson, Xiaokai Jia & Theodore Frick

    The purpose of this project was to document the redesign of an existing doctoral reading course for an online environment. Potential methods for actualizing the proposed course structure in an... More

  2. Designing a Mobile Application: The Case of iAdvocate

    Alan Foley

    In this article, the design of a mobile application (app) called iAdvocate is illustrated. The goal of iAdvocate is to share and develop specific strategies with parents of children with... More

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  3. Visualizing the Past: The Design of a Temporally Enabled Map for Presentation (TEMPO)

    Nathan Prestopnik & Alan Foley

    We present a design case for a prototype visualization tool called the Temporally Enabled Map for Presentation (TEMPO). Designed for use in the lecture classroom, TEMPO is an interactive animated... More

  4. Designing an Online Dissertation Research Community of Practice

    Martha Snyder, Laurie Dringus & Steven Terrell

    This design case describes phase one (pilot phase) of an intervention strategy aimed to support students in a limited–residency doctoral program. Specifically, this case documents the process and... More

  5. Using Open-Source Tools to Design and Develop the Online Component of a Blended-Learning, Instructor-Led Course

    Ioan Ionas, Matthew Easter, William Miller & Gayla Neumeyer

    In the design case presented, an online component was designed for an existing introductory energy course targeted at providing pathways to employment in the utility industry. The online component ... More

  6. Why Do We Fall? Using Experiences of Failure to Design Case Libraries

    Andrew Tawfik, David Jonassen & C. Keene

    Instructional designers can support ill-structured problem solving through case libraries that detail domain-specific principles. In this design project, case libraries were employed in an... More