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International Journal of Designs for Learning

Nov 08, 2017 Volume 8, Number 2

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Number of articles: 13

  1. Using a Design Model as a Scaffold to Create Learning Tools: A Case Study with We! Connect Cards

    Chad Littlefield & Heather Toomey Zimmerman

    This paper explores the development of We! Connect Cards, a card-based learning tool intended to support interpersonal relationships across various workplace and learning settings. The designed... More

  2. Customizing Students' Learning Experiences while Designing an Online Course

    Nadia Jaramillo Cherrez & Larysa Nadolny

    This design case illustrates an innovative research-based pedagogical approach to customizing students’ learning experiences in an online course. We centered the course design on the experiential... More

  3. Gamifying a Course to Teach Games and Simulations for Learning

    Susan Stansberry & Scott Haselwood

    This design case includes the challenges, considerations, and decisions associated with the design, development, and delivery of a master’s level educational technology course on teaching and... More

  4. Confessions of Novice Designers and Their Instructor

    Tonia Dousay, Jennifer LaVanchy, Trina Kilty & Dillon Stone

    These three condensed design cases provide a glimpse of the decisions undertaken by novice designers in a graduate-level message design course. The course helps students examine the role of... More

  5. Leading A Collaborative Effort: Providing Effective Training and Support for Online Adjunct Instructors

    Victoria Lowell & Marisa Exter

    This article describes the design and development of a set of interventions for the training and support of adjunct instructors in a rapidly growing online graduate program at a large, Midwestern... More

  6. Students as Researchers, Collaborators, & End-users: Informing Campus Design

    Amy Huber, Lisa Waxman & Stephanie Clemons

    Students in undergraduate design programs often lack opportunity to conduct original research and apply their findings to project solutions. Consequently, they struggle with identifying and framing... More

  7. Seeing the Unseen—Spatial Visualization of the Solar System with Physical Prototypes and Augmented Reality

    Gunver Majgaard, Lasse Larsen, Patricia Lyk & Morten Lyk

    The presented design case gives examples of designing an Augmented Reality learning scenario about the Solar System with 6th grade. The case connects the physical and virtual worlds in Augmented... More

  8. Designing Authentic and Engaging Personas for Open Education Resources Designers

    John Baaki, Jennifer Maddrell & Eric Stauffer

    To guide designers developing open education resources for adults preparing for a high school equivalency exam, we developed six authentic personas that represented adults without high school... More

  9. Communication in Instructional Design

    Jose Fulgencio

    Communication between instructional designer and client is key to a successful experience. Without a clear understanding about who will lead a course or how a course will function after it has been... More

  10. Mistake Detection Videos to Improve Students’ Motivation in Math

    Myra Luna-Lucero & Kristen Elmore

    This article describes the design case of an instructional experience incorporating videos of mistakes for students to practice mistake detection and recovery skills. Learning from mistakes is... More

  11. Designing a GPS Mobile Tour—A Lesson in User-Centered Design

    Kyle Clements

    This case presents the design of a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) guided smartphone tour. The tour was a redesign of an assignment for an introductory Physical Science course in which students ... More

  12. The Iterative Redesign of an Online University Course: NDFS 100, Essentials of Nutrition

    Alyssa Erickson

    This design case looks closely at the unique elements of redesigning an online nutrition course from April 2016 to April 2017. The online course was designed, developed, and offered for students... More

  13. Introduction to the Student Design Case SLAM

    John Baaki, Colin Gray, Craig Howard & Elizabeth Boling

    At the 2016 Association for Educational Communications and Technology Convention in Las Vegas, the IJDL editorial team hosted a Student Design Case SLAM. The focus of the one-day workshop was to... More