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Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects

Jan 01, 2013 Volume 9, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 16

  1. An Assessment of College Students’ Attitudes towards Using an Online E-textbook

    Emilie Falc

    pp. 1-12

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  2. Academic Literacy and Cultural Familiarity: Developing and Assessing Academic Literacy Resources for Chinese Students

    Fiona Henderson & Paul Whitelaw

    pp. 13-27

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  3. A Framework for Assessing the Pedagogical Effectiveness of Wiki-Based Collaborative Writing: Results and Implications

    Said Hadjerrouit

    pp. 29-49

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  4. Evaluating How the Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Community Fosters Critical Reflective Practices

    Ada W.

    pp. 51-75

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  5. An Assistant for Loading Learning Object Metadata: An Ontology Based Approach

    Ana Casali, Claudia Deco, Agustín Romano & Guillermo Tomé

    pp. 77-87

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  6. Factors Influencing Students’ Likelihood to Purchase Electronic Textbooks

    Robert Stone & Lori Baker-Eveleth

    pp. 89-103

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  7. Connectivist Learning Objects and Learning Styles

    Esther Del Moral-Pérez, Ana Cernea & Lourdes Villalustre

    pp. 105-124

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  8. Facebook: When Education Meets Privacy

    Steven Bruneel, Kurt De Wit, Jef Verhoeven & Jan Elen

    pp. 125-148

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  9. A Promising Practicum Pilot – Exploring Associate Teachers’ Access and Interactions with a Web-based Learning Tool

    Diana Petrarca

    pp. 149-170

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  10. Faculty Usage of Social Media and Mobile Devices: Analysis of Advantages and Concerns

    Deborah Roebuck, Samia Siha & Reginald Bell

    pp. 171-192

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  11. Introduction to the IJELLO Special Series of Chais Conference 2013 Best Papers

    Nitza Geri, Avner Caspi, Sigal Eden, Yoram Kalman, Yoav Yair & Yoram Eshet-Alkalai

    pp. 193-199

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  12. The Use of Digital Repositories for Enhancing Teacher Pedagogical Performance

    Anat Cohen, Sharon Kalimi & Rafi Nachmias

    pp. 201-218

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  13. Does Use of ICT-Based Teaching Encourage Innovative Interactions in the Classroom? Presentation of the CLI-O: Class Learning Interactions – Observation Tool

    Edith Manny-Ikan, Tal Tikochinski & Zipi Bashan

    pp. 219-232

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  14. Media Type Influences Preschooler’s Literacy Development: E-book versus Printed Book Reading

    Ely Kozminsky & Revital Asher-Sadon

    pp. 233-247

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  15. Virtual Representations in 3D Learning Environments

    Miri Shonfeld & Miki Kritz

    pp. 249-266

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  16. Using Photos and Visual-Processing Assistive Technologies to Develop Self-Expression and Interpersonal Communication of Adolescents with Asperger Syndrome (AS)

    Betty Shrieber & Yael Cohen

    pp. 267-286

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