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Journal of Negro Education

2007 Volume 76, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. An Exploratory Study of Online Postsecondary Education for Low-Income Working Adults: A View from Education Support Programs

    Angela D. Benson

    The role of online learning and distance learning over the Internet in providing post secondary educational opportunities to low-income, working adults who have never attended college is examined. ... More

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  2. Embracing Technology in the Secondary School Curriculum: The Status in Two Eastern Caribbean Countries

    Karleen A. Mason

    The non-technology, technology, and school factors related to technology use and technology integration in the curriculum by secondary school teachers in two Eastern Caribbean countries are... More

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  3. Understanding the Complex Dimensions of the Digital Divide: Lessons Learned in the Alaskan Arctic

    Deepak Prem Subramony

    An ethnographic case study of Inupiat Eskimo in the Alaskan Arctic has provided insights into the complex nature of the sociological issues surrounding equitable access to technology tools and... More

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  4. Conductors of the Digitized Underground Railroad: Black Teachers Empower Pedagogies with Computer Technology

    Rona M. Fredrick

    An interpretive case study framed by the critical race theory (CRT) and African centered theory is used to examine the teaching practices of two transformative African American teachers, which... More

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  5. The Identity and Success Life Story Method: A New Paradigm for Digital Inclusion

    Cynthia E. Winston, Cheri L. Philip & Derek L. Lloyd

    The impact of integrating Design Based Research and Identity and Success Life Story Research Method (ISLSRM) project on creating a new paradigm for research and education projects is examined. This... More

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  6. Black Youth Employ African American Vernacular English in Creating Digital Texts

    Darryl Ted Hall & James Damico

    The use of African American vernacular English among a group of secondary school students who participated in a digital media course as part of a pre-college summer enrichment program is examined. ... More

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  7. Clover: Narratives and Simulations in Virtual Environments

    Sharon Tettegah, Brian P. Bailey & Kona Taylor

    A newly developed software application (Clover) is presented for constructing animated narrative vignette. The results have indicated that Clover is a viable tool for providing the process of self ... More

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