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Educational Psychologist

2010 Volume 45, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Measuring Cognitive and Metacognitive Regulatory Processes during Hypermedia Learning: Issues and Challenges

    Roger Azevedo, Daniel C. Moos, Amy M. Johnson & Amber D. Chauncey

    Self-regulated learning (SRL) with hypermedia environments involves a complex cycle of temporally unfolding cognitive and metacognitive processes that impact students' learning. We present several ... More

    pp. 210-223

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  2. Automated, Unobtrusive, Action-by-Action Assessment of Self-Regulation during Learning with an Intelligent Tutoring System

    Vincent Aleven, Ido Roll, Bruce M. McLaren & Kenneth R. Koedinger

    Assessment of students' self-regulated learning (SRL) requires a method for evaluating whether observed actions are appropriate acts of self-regulation in theEv specific learning context in which... More

    pp. 224-233

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  3. The Role of Epistemic Beliefs in Students' Self-Regulated Learning with Computer-Based Learning Environments: Conceptual and Methodological Issues

    Jeffrey A. Greene, Krista R. Muis & Stephanie Pieschl

    Users benefit most from computer-based learning environments (CBLEs) when they are adept at self-regulated learning (SRL). Learner characteristics, such as epistemic beliefs, influence SRL... More

    pp. 245-257

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  4. Measuring Self-Regulation in Computer-Based Learning Environments

    Gregory Schraw

    I provide a summary of the four invited articles in this special issue and compare and contrast different methods for measuring self-regulation in computer-based learning environments (CBLEs). I... More

    pp. 258-266

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  5. Improving Measurements of Self-Regulated Learning

    Philip H. Winne

    Articles in this special issue present recent advances in using state-of-the-art software systems that gather data with which to examine and measure features of learning and particularly self... More

    pp. 267-276

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