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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2012 Volume 40, Number 2

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Teaching, Learning, and Collaborating in the Cloud: Applications of Cloud Computing for Educators in Post-Secondary Institutions

    Lynn S. Aaron & Catherine M. Roche

    "Cloud computing" refers to the use of computing resources on the Internet instead of on individual personal computers. The field is expanding and has significant potential value for... More

    pp. 95-111

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  2. Integrating Cloud-Based Strategies and Tools in Face-to-Face Training Sessions to Increase the Impact of Professional Development

    Kathleen Gradel & Alden J. Edson

    This article is based on the premise that face-to-face training can be augmented with cloud-based technology tools, to potentially extend viable training supports as higher education staff and... More

    pp. 113-130

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  3. Teaching with Transmedia

    Harry E. Pence

    The media environment is currently being dramatically changed by social networking, mobile computing, augmented reality, and transmedia. Of these four, transmedia is probably the least familiar to ... More

    pp. 131-140

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  4. Self-Created YouTube Recordings of Microteachings: Their Effects upon Candidates' Readiness for Teaching and Instructors' Assessment

    Mark Abendroth, John B. Golzy & Eileen A. O'Connor

    This study of action research, authored by three colleagues teaching the same teacher-education methods course but from different content areas, involves teacher-candidates' use of self-recorded... More

    pp. 141-159

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  5. Technology and Teaching Philosophy

    Paul C. King

    This article discusses the challenges faced when integrating new technologies into the classroom. Viewing the experiences of teaching a first year learning community through the lens of the... More

    pp. 161-168

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  6. How Undergraduates Perceive Their Professors: A Corpus Analysis of Rate My Professor

    Karen M. Gregory

    While many may disparage the online website Rate my Professor, it remains a popular public evaluation site for students to post their evaluations and commentary on their professors. What... More

    pp. 169-193

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  7. A Survival Guide from an Early Adopter: How Web 2.0 and the Right Attitude Can Enable Learning and Expansive Course Design

    Eileen O'Connor

    Given the challenges facing higher education in the fast-changing educational and social environment, what can be learned from an instructor who has braved the rapidly changing stream of... More

    pp. 195-209

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  8. The Effects of Computer-Assisted Feedback Strategies in Technology Education: A Comparison of Learning Outcomes

    Ruifang Hope Adams & Jane Strickland

    This study investigated the effects of computer-assisted feedback strategies that have been utilized by university students in a technology education curriculum. Specifically, the study examined... More

    pp. 211-223

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