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Social Indicators Research

March 2013 Volume 111, Number 1

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Exploring Wider Well-Being in the EU-15 Countries: An Empirical Application of the Stiglitz Report

    G Madonia, M F. Cracolici & M Cuffaro

    We draw on the recommendations of the Stiglitz Report to select a set of economic and social variables that can be used to make cross-country comparisons of wider well-being. Using data for the EU-... More

    pp. 117-140

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  2. The Diffusion of IT in the Historical Context of Innovations from Developed Countries

    Jeffrey James

    The well-known s-shaped diffusion of technology curve generally works well in developed countries. But how does it perform in the very different context of developing countries? Across a wide range... More

    pp. 175-184

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