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Educational Action Research

2016 Volume 24, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. A New Model of Collaborative Action Research; Theorising from Inter-Professional Practice Development

    Rachel Lofthouse, Jo Flanagan & Bibiana Wigley

    The development of pedagogies to meet the needs of diverse communities can be supported through inter-professional practice development. This article explores one such experience, that of speech... More

    pp. 519-534

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  2. Developing an "Ethics for Neuroscientists" Course: Between Emancipation, Practicality, and Postmodernity in Educational Action Research

    Gerald Walther

    With the advances in neuroscience in the twenty-first century, there is an increased risk that this research could be used for non-peaceful purposes by state or non-state actors. The latter issue... More

    pp. 571-582

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  3. A Programme for Future Audit Professionals: Using Action Research to Nurture Student Engagement

    Karen Van Peursem, R. Helen Samujh & Nirmala Nath

    Professionals require decision-making skills as well as technical knowledge. One might assume that their university education prepares them for this role yet, and least for future audit... More

    pp. 598-616

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