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Journal of Information Systems Education

2012 Volume 23, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Planning "and" Sprinting: Use of a Hybrid Project Management Methodology within a CIS Capstone Course

    Aaron Baird & Frederick J. Riggins

    An increasing number of information systems projects in industry are managed using hybrid project management methodologies, but this shift in project management methods is not fully represented in ... More

    pp. 243-257

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  2. Improving IS Enrollment Choices: The Role of Social Support

    Asli Akbulut-Bailey

    Over the last decade, enrollment in Information Systems (IS) and related programs has dropped worldwide and still remains low despite positive job market predictions. Given the significant negative... More

    pp. 259-270

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  3. Lessons Learned from Client Projects in an Undergraduate Project Management Course

    Carol E. Pollard

    This work proposes that a subtle combination of three learning methods offering "just in time" project management knowledge, coupled with hands-on project management experience can be particularly ... More

    pp. 271-282

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  4. A Cross-Functional Systems Project in an IS Capstone Course

    Michael Maloni, Pamila Dembla & J Anthony Swaim

    Information systems (IS) practitioners must regularly work cross-functionally with business users when implementing enterprise systems. However, most IS higher education is not truly cross... More

    pp. 283-296

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  5. Plagiarism and Programming: A Survey of Student Attitudes

    Cheryl L. Aasheim, Paige S. Rutner, Lixin Li & Susan R. Williams

    This paper examines student attitudes towards a number of behaviors which range from acceptable means of seeking help on assignments to unacceptable behaviors such as copying from another student... More

    pp. 297-313

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  6. Introducing Cloud Computing Topics in Curricula

    Ling Chen, Yang Liu, Marcus Gallagher, Bernard Pailthorpe, Shazia Sadiq, Heng Tao Shen & Xue Li

    The demand for graduates with exposure in Cloud Computing is on the rise. For many educational institutions, the challenge is to decide on how to incorporate appropriate cloud-based technologies... More

    pp. 315-324

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