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Professional Development in Education

2013 Volume 39, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. The "Trainer in Your Pocket:" Mobile Phones within a Teacher Continuing Professional Development Program in Bangladesh

    Christopher S. Walsh, Tom Power, Masuda Khatoon, Sudeb Kumar Biswas, Ashok Kumar Paul, Bikash Chandra Sarkar & Malcolm Griffiths

    Examples of mobile phones being used with teachers to provide continuing professional development (CPD) in emerging economies at scale are largely absent from the research literature. We outline... More

    pp. 186-200

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  2. Professional Learning to Support Elementary Teachers' Use of the iPod Touch in the Classroom

    Katia Ciampa & Tiffany L. Gallagher

    This single case study reports on the programme of professional learning that a Canadian staff of elementary teachers (Junior Kindergarten to Grade Eight) and their school principal engaged in to... More

    pp. 201-221

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  3. Research Capacity-Building with New Technologies within New Communities of Practice: Reflections on the First Year of the Teacher Education Research Network

    Zoe Fowler, Grant Stanley, Jean Murray, Marion Jones & Olwen McNamara

    This article focuses on a virtual research environment (VRE) and how it facilitated the networking of teacher educators participating in an Economic and Social Research Council-funded research... More

    pp. 222-239

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  4. Pushing the Envelope on What is Known about Professional Development: The Virtual School Experience

    Nancy Fichtman Dana, Kara Dawson, Rachel Wolkenhauer & Desi Krell

    The purpose of this study was to understand the ways virtual school teachers experienced professional development framed as a year-long collaborative action research endeavor. These virtual school ... More

    pp. 240-259

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  5. Framing Pre-Service Teachers' Professional Learning Using Web2.0 Tools: Positioning Pre-Service Teachers as Agents of Cultural and Technological Change

    Warren Kidd

    This article addresses key issues in pre-service teachers' professional learning. The argument explores pre-service teachers' learning and practice, which is both informed by technology... More

    pp. 260-272

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  6. National Models for Continuing Professional Development: The Challenges of Twenty-First-Century Knowledge Management

    Marilyn Leask & Sarah Younie

    If teacher quality is the most critical factor in improving educational outcomes, then why is so little attention drawn to the knowledge and evidence base available to support teachers in improving... More

    pp. 273-287

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