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Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Jan 31, 2017 Volume 2, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 11

  1. Practice Book: 4th Grade

    Neslihan Karaca

    Saying hello, School subjects, Daily Routines, Vegetables and Fruits, Jobs, Multiple-choice Quiz More

  2. Does Mother Tongue Interfere in Second Language Learning?

    Elif Denizer

    Mother tongue largely refers to not only the language one learns from one’s mother but also the speaker’s dominant and home language. It’s also called native language. This study was conducted to... More

  3. Exercise Book for Young Learners: 4th Grade

    Seher Doygun

    Saying "Hello and Bye", Number and Colours, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, My Family, What is Your Job?, My Sweet Home, Foods and Drinks, (with answer key) More

  4. Speaking Anxiety among Different Grades of K12: 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th Grades

    Tuğçe Mestan

    The present study aimed to investigate the speaking anxiety among different grades, ages and genders of EFL students in Turkey and their views toward speaking anxiety. It was also investigated if... More

  5. This is My Family

    Hale Yeğen & Merve Çetin

    Me and my family, Families poem, Mother-Father, Brother-Sister, Grandparents, Uncle-Aunt, Cousin, Family, Family handgame, My family tree, Activities (Three In a Family), Digital Games, A family... More

  6. Does Using Language Games Affect Vocabulary Learning in EFL Classes?

    Beyza Silsüpür

    The present study attempted to investigate the role of using word games in L2 vocabulary acquisition. 12 female participants from Uludag University were selected for control and experimental groups... More

  7. English for Young Learners: Beginner Level

    Abdullah Taş

    Colors, Seasons, Months, Numbers, Boday Parts, Animals, Fruits, Vocabulary More

  8. Practice in Education: A Comparison Between the Faculty of Education and Faculty of Medicine

    Elif Afşar & Özlem Doğan

    The study aims to investigate the importance of practical education. The results have revealed that only one year practice might not be enough for teacher trainees. A questionnaire was applied on... More

  9. Are Turkish University Students Autonomous or Not?

    Büşra Kırtık

    The present study tried to determine Turkish learners’ attitudes, and the Turkish education system’s approach towards learner autonomy with regard to three main points: 1) whether Turkish... More

  10. Worksheets for 4th Graders

    Sertap Karagöz

    Cartoon Characters, Doing Experiments, My Day More

  11. The Effect of Pictures and Sentence Examples on Foreign Language Vocabulary Learning

    Ümmü Demir

    Words are building blocks of a meaningful communication, which make them very significant in terms of languages. Vocabulary is always one of the most important grade when the point is foreign or... More