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Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

May 30, 2017 Volume 2, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 10

  1. Fruits and Colors

    Sümeyye Yeşiloğlu

    For beginner young learners.. More

  2. Vocabulary Load of English Song Lyrics for EFL Learners

    Meral Öztürk

    English songs are very popular with EFL learners and thanks to the natural repetitions of vocabulary they provide through choruses, repeated listening as well as through a special type of language ... More

  3. Let's Learn

    Şakibe İşler

    English for kids More

  4. A Comparative Evaluation of the Latest ELTTP in Turkey: The Lecturers’ Perspective versus Teacher Trainees’ Perspective

    Meltem Türken

    This study evaluated the latest English Language Teacher Training Programme in Turkey from the viewpoint of both students who were enrolled on the programme for a period of four years and lecturers... More

  5. The Young EFL Adventurers: A2-B1 Level

    Esra Arslan

    Countries and capitals, Gran's adventures, Sightseeing, Exciting destinations, The Paris page, Reading comprehension More

  6. The Impact of Video Games in the Acquisition of English Language: The Case of Saudi Youths

    Alawi Al- jifri & Tariq Elyas

    Over the last few decades, teaching English become a phenomenon in Saudi Arabia, especially to young learners. English is taught as a main subject in kindergarten and elementary schools. Like any... More

  7. Vocabulary e-Book: B1 Level

    Gamze Tencere

    Environment, Food, Clothing, World culture, Story time .. with Answer key More

  8. From Books to Mobile Applications: A New Way of Vocabulary Learning

    Ramazan Güzel

    Intentional vocabulary learning is the most important and essential part of the foreign language learning. It needs practice and repetition and learners cannot use language effectively without... More

  9. Vocabulary for Kids

    Aisulu Kaztaeva

    Animals, Transportation, Clothes, Vegetables, Body parts, Insects, Household Items, Sports, Weather, Food .. with Exercises More

  10. Challenges of English for Academic Purposes in Asia

    Ting Mao

    Currently, there is a heated debate on whether English for Academic Purposes (EAP) should take the place of English for General Purposes (EGP) (known as College English at the tertiary level in... More