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Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

2018 Volume 3, Number 1

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Number of articles: 18

  1. Improvement of Learning Outcome in Material Science through Inverted Classroom Techniques and Alternative Course Assessment

    Anja Pfennig

    Material Science is known to first year mechanical engineering students as one of the fundamental courses with high work load. The knowledge of the complex science of materials enables students to ... More

  2. What Students Think about Technology Usage in the ELT Classes

    Gamze Tencere

    The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of technology usage in ELT at university classes. To this end, we sent an online questionnaire about the topic we searched to 3rd grade... More

  3. Learning Vocabulary

    Samiye Ercan

    Missions, Quizes, Questionnaire More

  4. Pragmatic instruction may not be necessary among heritage speakers of Spanish: A study on requests

    Maria Barros Garcia & Jeremy Bachelor

    This paper studies the pragmatic competence of U.S. heritage speakers of Spanish in an attempt to determine (a) the degree of pragmatic transfer from English to Spanish experienced by heritage... More

  5. Descriptions of Motions and Judgment of Different Conceptualization Patterns by English Non-native and Native Speakers

    Seyit Yilmaz

    Talmy’s typology (2000) categorizing languages based on the linguistic level has led many studies to investigate how language speakers or learners encode components of motion event. Beyond this... More

  6. Read and Explore

    Mine Telli

    Reasons Why We Should Read More, Palm Trees, The Titanic, Japnese Gardens, Santa Claus, Chinese New Year, Albert Einstein, Sphinx, Are They Evil?, Charles Chaplin, Useful Applications More

  7. Turkish EFL Instructors’ Perceived Importance of Motivational Strategies: A Descriptive Study

    Özgehan Uştuk

    This study investigated how important Turkish EFL teachers perceive the ELT motivational strategies that are implemented in adult EFL teaching. 52 EFL instructors working in preparatory schools of ... More

  8. Vocabulary Book for Children

    Alp Bıçaklı

    Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom More

  9. Acquisition of Noun Polysemy in English as a Foreign Language

    Meral Öztürk

    This study investigates, in an ex-post facto design, the acquisition of noun polysemy in English by EFL learners. Differences among three types of senses (core vs metonymical vs metaphorical) as... More

  10. My World Grammar

    Dilek Dağdelen

    Introduction, Who is he?, Simple present tense, Present continuous tense, Simple past tense, Present perfect tense, Past perfect tense More

  11. Mapping Vocabulary Research

    Paul Meara

    This paper illustrates how a bibliometric method known as co-citation analysis can help novice researchers find their way around a large research field. The method is illustrated using... More

  12. Learn English: 4th Grade

    Yadigar Durman

    Free-time activities, Cartoon characters, Jobs, Foods and Drinks More

  13. Effects of Online Reading on Persian-Speaking EFL Learners' Writing Performance

    Leila Noorizadeh & Ahmad Ameri-Golestan

    The present study was an attempt to explore effects of online reading, on Persian-speaking EFL learners writing performance. 57 intermediate EFL learners were divided into the experimental group ... More

  14. Demotivation Factors in Foreign Language Learning

    Pınar Çankaya

    This study initially attempts to discuss motivation and demotivation in the field of second language acquisition and additionally to explore the main factors causing demotivation in learning... More

  15. English for 4th Graders

    Züleyha Şahin

    Food and drinks, Jobs, Cartoon characters, Clothes More

  16. The Effectiveness of Online Conversation Classes through the Use of Adobe Connect Live Learning Program

    Selin Celikbas

    Within foreign language learning (FLL), it is very important to improve the students’ speaking skill. Students in beginner levels particularly have a slow tendency to acquire the speaking skill.... More

  17. Flipping the Classroom and Turning the Grades: A Solution to Teach Unbeloved Phase Diagrams to Engineering Students

    Anja Pfennig

    Phase diagrams may simply be described as alloying maps in material science. However, the required thermodynamic background knowledge should be high level and understanding of the cooling procedure... More

  18. Let It Shine: 5th Grade Summer Vocabulary and Activity Book

    Fırat İlgüz

    Daily routine, Abilities, Health More