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Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia Annual Meeting

July 2010

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Number of papers: 9

  1. "Scratch"ing below the Surface: Mathematics through an Alternative Digital Lens?

    Nigel Calder & Merilyn Taylor

    A key element in the examination of how students process mathematics through digital technologies is considering the ways that digital pedagogical media might influence the learning process. How... More

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  2. Students' Experiences of Mathematics during the Transition from Primary to Secondary School

    Catherine Attard

    As part of a longitudinal case study on engagement in middle years mathematics, 20 students attending their first year of secondary school in Western Sydney were asked to provide views on their... More

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  3. Auditing the Numeracy Demands of the Middle Years Curriculum

    Merrilyn Goos, Vince Geiger & Shelley Dole

    The "National Numeracy Review" recognised that numeracy development requires an across the curriculum commitment. To explore the nature of this commitment we conducted a numeracy audit of the South... More

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  4. Teachers' Perceptions of Geometry Instruction and the Learning Environment in Years 9-10 ESL Classrooms

    Rinna K. Ly & John A. Malone

    This paper describes the development of an instrument to assess teachers' views on their geometry instruction and their classroom learning environments in six government high schools in southwest... More

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  5. Examinations in the Final Year of Transition to Mathematical Methods Computer Algebra System (CAS)

    David Leigh-Lancaster, Magdalena Les & Michael Evans

    2009 was the final year of parallel implementation for Mathematical Methods Units 3 and 4 and Mathematical Methods (CAS) Units 3 and 4. From 2006-2009 there was a common technology-free short... More

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  6. An Ethnographic Intervention Using the Five Characteristics of Effective Teacher Professional Development

    Sitti Maesuri Patahuddin

    This paper is aimed to describe an ethnographic intervention study of supporting a Low Use Internet (LUI) teacher to use the Internet for his professional development. Five characteristics of... More

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  7. Web-Based Mathematics: Student Perspectives

    Esther Yook-Kin Loong

    This paper presents the results of a survey conducted with students (N=97) whose teachers have used the Web in their mathematics classes. The survey looked at students' attitudes towards learning... More

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  8. Interactive Whiteboards and All That Jazz: Analysing Classroom Activity with Interactive Technologies

    Howard Tanner, Gary Beauchamp, Sonia Jones & Steve Kennewell

    The term "orchestration", has been used to describe the teacher's role in activity settings incorporating interactive technologies. This musical analogy suggests pre-planned manipulation of events ... More

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  9. Three Primary School Students' Cognition about 3D Rotation in a Virtual Reality Learning Environment

    Andy Yeh

    This paper reports on three primary school students' explorations of 3D rotation in a virtual reality learning environment (VRLE) named VRMath. When asked to investigate if you would face the same ... More

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