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Mid-South Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

November 1999

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 3

  1. An Overall View of Distance Education in the United States

    Vahid Motamedi

    Distance education is described as instructional delivery that takes place when learners and teachers are separated throughout the learning process by time and physical distance. Research indicates... More

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  2. Improving School Curriculum through Technology

    Peggy Frazier & Patty Reed

    Educators and administrators have many things to consider before setting up a distance education facility at their schools. They will first need to decide what type of distance education technology... More

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  3. Research: Traditional vs. Electronic Classes

    Robert L. Kennedy & W Newton Suter

    The purpose of the study was to compare electronic and traditional versions of a graduate-level introductory research class. Students were permitted to select the instructional delivery type they... More

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