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New England Mathematics Journal

May 2011 Volume 43, Number

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Can a Kite Be a Triangle? Bidirectional Discourse and Student Inquiry in a Middle School Interactive Geometric Lesson

    Paul Woo Dong Yu & Dante A. Tawfeeq

    While the study of geometry in some shape or form has existed for many millennia, it is within the past twenty years that a shift has occurred in how geometry may be learned through computer-based ... More

    pp. 7-20

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  2. Mirrors and Dragonflies--Dynamic Investigations with GeoGebra

    Markus Hohenwarter

    This article discusses two examples of geometric problem solving suitable for middle and high school students. Both problems are related to students' everyday life experience and allow them to... More

    pp. 36-46

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  3. What's 2 Got to Do with It? Using Dynamic Geometry Environments to Find Surprising Results and Motivate Proof

    Tami Martin, Craig J. Cullen & Roger Day

    Dynamic geometry software (DGS), such as Geometer's Sketchpad[TM], Cabri Geometry[TM], and GeoGebra[TM] has become a widely used classroom technology. The broad availability of DGS has given... More

    pp. 49-62

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  4. Serious Play with Dynamic Plane Transformations

    James King

    Transformations are a central organizing idea in geometry. They are included in most geometry curricula and are likely to appear with even greater emphasis in the future, given the central role... More

    pp. 65-79

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