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National Reading Research Center Conference "Literacy and Technology for the 21st Century"

Oct 04, 1996

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Number of papers: 4

  1. Meeting the Needs of 21st Century Literacy by Using Computers in Family Literacy Centers

    Bob Hughes & Peggy Coyne

    This paper examines the controversial problem of the availability of and access to computers, training, and technology, and the availability of and access to all types of learners. Technologies... More

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  2. Learning Information Systems: Theoretical Foundations

    Terrance D. Paul

    This paper uses the conceptual framework of cybernetics to understand why learning information systems such as the "Accelerated Reader" work so successfully, and to examine how this simple yet... More

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  3. Impact of the Accelerated Reader Technology-Based Literacy Program on Overall Academic Achievement and School Attendance

    Terrance Paul, Darrel VanderZee, Tom Rue & Scott Swanson

    A study demonstrated the positive impact of school ownership of the Accelerated Reader (AR) technology-based literacy program on attendance and standardized test scores at a representative sample... More

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  4. Trends in Literacy Software Publication and Marketing: Multicultural Themes

    Ernest Balajthy

    This article provides data and discussion of multicultural theme-related issues arising from analysis of a detailed database of commercial software products targeted to reading and literacy... More

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