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SITE 2009--Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference

Mar 02, 2009


Ian Gibson; Roberta Weber; Karen McFerrin; Roger Carlsen; Dee Anna Willis

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  1. Unveiling the possibility of a bottom-up approach for implementing electronic portfolios in a teacher preparation program

    Heejung An & Hilary Wilder, William Paterson University, United States

    Due to the changing nature of technology integration efforts in teacher preparation programs, electronic portfolios are often believed to be an ideal replacement for paper based ones. Yet, this... More

    pp. 2-7

  2. Twenty-first Century Standards Driven Formative and Summative Performance Assessment in a Reflective e-Folio

    Lorraine Boyle, Bemidji State University, United States

    Abstract: The Standards of Effective Practice drive teaching and learning through curriculum alignment and performance assessment. One professor’s journey conveys specific processes and examples ... More

    pp. 8-13

  3. Twenty-first Century Standards Driving Formative and Summative Performance Assessment in a Reflective e-Folio

    Lorraine Boyle, Bemidji State University, United States; Lynne Groves & Paul Wasko, MN State Colleges and Universities, United States

    Abstract: The Standards of Effective Practice drive teaching and learning through curriculum alignment and performance assessment. One professor’s journey conveys specific processes and examples ... More

    pp. 14-19

  4. Reflective Professional Development Practices through Formative Assessments to Encourage Classroom Implementation

    Evelyn R Brown, LeTourneau University, United States

    This paper examines the integration of a web-based survey as a reflective professional development practice to encourage follow-up classroom implementation activities by an externally funded... More

    pp. 20-23

  5. Electronic Portfolios in Teacher Education: Examples and Evidences of Student Understanding of Cultural Diversity

    Chia-Jung Chung & Susan O'Hara, California State University, Sacramento, United States

    This paper addresses the relationship between eportfolio development and multicultural education. Barrett (2001) and Dominick (2002) define the processes of eportfolio development as reflection,... More

    pp. 24-31

  6. ‘Is this thing on?’ University Student Preferences Regarding Audio Feedback

    Kristen Cuthrell, Elizabeth Fogarty & Patricia Anderson, East Carolina University, United States

    Professors from a large southeastern university were interested in determining student preferences in receiving instructor feedback about their assignments. Both undergraduate and graduate students... More

    pp. 32-35

  7. The evolution of ARTI: An online tool to promote classroom-based technology outcomes via teacher inquiry

    Kara Dawson & Cathy Cavanaugh, University of Florida, United States; Albert Ritzhaupt, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, United States

    It is widely recognized that action research leads to a series of benefits for teachers including improved practice, heightened professionalism and activism for positive educational change. More... More

    pp. 36-41

  8. A Program Evaluation Proposal for Online Databases

    Oktay Donmez & Linda B. Schrader, Florida State University, United States

    Online collections in libraries have increased dramatically. As requirements of all new technologies, digital technologies require new values, attitudes and patterns of behavior to access... More

    pp. 42-46

  9. Multi-dimensional Assessment for eLearning; Traditional and Social Assessment Models

    Thomas Downey, Embanet ULC, Canada

    New modalities of learning require new models of assessment for learners. No longer do we look for mastery of an instructional objective, we also look for communication, team building and critical ... More

    p. 47

  10. Instructional Leadership Redesign: A Technology-Infused Program

    Charlotte Eady, Mary Montgomery, William Kiser & Isreal Eady, Jacksonville State University, United States

    In 2001, Jacksonville (Alabama) State University (JSU) joined the Southern Regional Educational Board (SREB) and ten other universities to redesign their initial programs for educational leaders.... More

    pp. 48-50

  11. Validity and Reliability of a Rubric for Assessing and Stimulating Quality in Effective Online Threaded Discussions

    Jessica Hale & David Anderson, Eastern Michigan University, United States

    This study tests the validity and reliability of a rubric created to assess quality in online threaded discussions. The participants in this study consist of faculty members: experts with extensive... More

    pp. 51-52

  12. The Evolution of a "Home Grown" E-Portfolio as an Assessment Tool

    Jeanne Herman & Joyce Aarsvold, Gustavus Adolphus College, United States

    In an era when “assessment” of learning is expected within every discipline, a professor of Health and Exercise Science and a Technology Professional created a course focused on information... More

    pp. 53-54

  13. Teachers’ Knowledge, Beliefs, and Assessment Practices: Using Technology Tools for Assessing Elementary Students’ Learning

    Jane Howland, University of Missouri, United States

    A four-year completed project included elementary teachers who assessed individual students’ learning using technology as an assessment tool. Specifically, the study focused on 1) teachers’... More

    pp. 55-63

  14. Constructing E-folios using TINS – a case study

    Yi-Feng Huang, Jhih-Syue Elementary School, Taiwan; Min-Jin Lin, National Dong-Hwa University, Taiwan

    The authors had designed and developed a web-based environment TINS (abbreviated for Theme-based Inquiry Network Studio). There are 34 software tools embedded in five different modules in TINS, and... More

    pp. 64-67

  15. Assessing the Ability to Plan ICT Integrated Lessons with IAG to Respond to the Demand for Ensuring Pre-service Teachers' Quality

    Natsuko Ishii, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan; Toshiki Matsuda, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

    In view of the need for competent pre-service teachers, this study aims to develop materials that assess the ability of pre-service teachers in planning ICT (information and communication... More

    pp. 68-73

  16. Using Electronic Assessment Systems to Improve Teacher Education

    Teresa Jayroe & Margaret Pope, Mississippi State University, United States; Matthew Boggan & Janet McCarra, Mississippi State University - Meridian, United States

    The elementary education program in a rural southeastern university uses an online electronic portfolio assessment system, TaskStream, to monitor the progress of teacher candidates after admission ... More

    pp. 74-77

  17. FD Commons: e-Teaching Portfolio to Support Ubiquitous Peer Reviewing Process

    Yukari Kato, Hironori Egi & Masaki Nakagawa, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

    This system development realizes ubiquitous peer reviewing and reuse of comments of reviewers for assessment of teaching/learning in higher education. The purpose of this project is two fold: (1)... More

    pp. 78-83

  18. Blogging as Reflective Practice: An Exploratory Study

    Ilknur Kelceoglu, Indiana University - Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC), United States

    The purpose of this brief paper is to present an ongoing study of student teachers’ use of blogs (web logs) as reflection tools during their student teaching. This exploratory study examines the... More

    pp. 84-88

  19. The Benefits and Challenges of using Electronic Portfolios: A Case Study of Early Childhood Teacher Candidates

    Esther Ntuli & Lydia Kyei-Blankson, Illinois State University, United States

    The use of electronic portfolios has gained momentum in today’s education of teachers. While many teacher education programs have adopted electronic portfolios in order to meet accreditation... More

    pp. 89-94

  20. An Assessment of E-Portfolios as Applied to the Accounting Industry

    Mark Law, Bloomsburg University, United States; Monica Law, Moravian College, United States

    The researchers seek to attain an understanding of the role E-Portfolios play in recruitment development of employees in the traditional areas of the accounting industry. The researchers will... More

    pp. 95-97