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Computer Aids for Individualizing Instruction throughout the Writing Process


This document describes how computer assisted instruction and word processing can combine the systematic coverage of a writing class with the individualization of a writing workshop. Ways to revise computer programs for use in a writing course are reviewed and currently available relevant programs are detailed. The act of word processing itself is first described as having advantages in encouraging students to take meaningful risks as they write. Programs designed to aid student invention, such as TOPOI, BURKE, and TAGAI, are described, as well as SEEN, along with examples of its application. The composition process is related to the neat appearance of words on the screen, and BEGINNINGS is described as a program that details compositional related approaches to writing. Shared disks and textfiles, as well as the malleability of the screen text are identified as aids to revision, as are programs and textfiles that aid grammar and spelling study. Finally, programs that deal with organizational skills are recounted. (CRH)


Schwartz, H.J. Computer Aids for Individualizing Instruction throughout the Writing Process. Retrieved March 27, 2023 from .

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