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Cercasi “Digital scholar”: profili emergenti dei ricercatori in rete

Italian Journal of Educational Technology Volume 20, Number 3, ISSN 2532-4632 e-ISSN 2532-4632 Publisher: Edizioni Menabò - Menabò srl, Ortona, Italy


What impact are new Web 2.0 tools having on communication and publishing practices in the research field? Drawn from an unpublished Master\u2019s dissertation, this paper reports a selection of findings from 14 semi-structured interviews with senior, early-career and doctoral researchers working in Humanities, Social Sciences, Medicine and Physics. The prevalent attitude is a pragmatic and efficiency-driven approach in selecting and using traditional and new tools. However, a few isolated examples have emerged of new \u2018digital scholars\u2019. These are researchers who, as well as producing and distributing knowledge, are devoted to building their personal digital identity, even though this aspect is not legitimized within their specific research context.


Esposito, A. (2012). Cercasi “Digital scholar”: profili emergenti dei ricercatori in rete. Italian Journal of Educational Technology, 20(3), 170-177. Ortona, Italy: Edizioni Menabò - Menabò srl. Retrieved September 25, 2022 from .