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Reforming Universitas Terbuka's Academic Culture through Developing the Values of Character in Learning Group Organizers

, Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia

Asian Journal of Distance Education Volume 11, Number 1 ISSN 1347-9008


Recently, university academic culture reforms have becoming a necessity in DE institutions in the world. For UT, academi c culture reforms also have becoming commitment and action to realize their Strategic Plan 2010-2021 to become a world class DE institution. In this context, development on the essential values of character (EVoC) for all academi c members ant its stakeholders are fundamental and crucial. This paper describes and discusses results of research and development on the EVoC for Learning Groups Organizers (LGOs) at UT’s Surabaya Regional Cent er by using Research and Development method. Research be done in two phases with research subjets consisted of 19 LGOs (phase 1); 15 LGOs, 12 Coordinators of Region (CoRs) and of 101 UT’s students (phase 2). They choosed b y using proportional random sampling from 18 districts and municipals within SRC’s geographical coverage. Data was collected by using techniques value validation and mapping, questionnaire of value, and was analyzed by using percentage-descriptive technique. The research has been validated, mapped, and developed the seven EVoCs which was designed in the form Unit’ Culture Guide for LGOs as final product of the research in phase 1, and then be assessed its implementation in phase 2. The results showed that the seven EVoCs within Unit’ Culture Guide has been used and implement ed b y the LGOs to manage of students’ learning group, and have well contribution to develop the EVoCs-loaded structure of LGOs’ performance. The ownership of the EVoC for LGOs considered very important, crucial. Therefore, these should be accommodat ed b y UT as an int egrated part of reinforce commitment to reforms university academi c culture for all academic members and its stakeholders for the future. These also provide a widel y space to do future research in the other UT’s Regional Cent ers, so can be obtained more comprehensive findings, and can be disseminated to UT’s Regional Cent ers through Indonesia.


Farisi, M.I. Reforming Universitas Terbuka's Academic Culture through Developing the Values of Character in Learning Group Organizers. Asian Journal of Distance Education, 11(1), 78-92. Retrieved September 26, 2022 from .



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