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ePortfolios and Technology: Customized for Careers

, Department of Information and Operations Management, School of Business, Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, NJ, United States

IJICTE Volume 8, Number 4, ISSN 1550-1876 Publisher: IGI Global


An effective tool for business students eager to introduce themselves into the professional work world is an ePortfolio (electronic portfolio), used to supplement the rather sparse chronological or thematic listing typically found on a resume. The career portfolio is a showcase of work focused on documenting the diverse items displayed to enhance opportunities for employment. This type of portfolio is totally dedicated to highlighting achievements, relevant work samples, and one’s accomplishments. This article will focus on the career portfolio, the one most appropriate for the business professional and for those just beginning their careers. It will describe ideas for both the process of developing an ePortfolio along with dealing with the topics relevant to the final product. It will address questions such as “Why create a career portfolio?”, “What should be in it?”, “Using some available new technologies such as Web 2.0, how are portfolios created, stored, and disseminated?”


Flanigan, E. (2012). ePortfolios and Technology: Customized for Careers. International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education, 8(4), 29-37. IGI Global. Retrieved February 2, 2023 from .