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Using Voicespice to Spice Up ESP/EFL Teaching

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JFLET Volume 4, Number 2, ISSN 2536-4731 Publisher: Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology


Technological use for ELT can be really helpful, but sometimes if can be a little overwhelming. A web-ware based instructional technology discussed in this study may be worth a try if users want a simple audio recording tool called voicespice which needs no app to download, no charge to pay, and no login account needed. This research discovers the potential and practical use of voicespice in three English classes in an aviation training center. Stories from three teachers telling how they utilize voicespice in their teaching facilitation reveal the strength and weaknesses of this voice tool, analyzed based on task scenario. The results showed that voicespice accommodates ease and facilitation regarding its features of storing and sharing recorded voice messages on the web. However, some weaknesses make the teachers think they must find ways to adjust. This present study supplements ELT literature especially about webware-based voice tool which ELT teachers can use, also contribute ideas on the development of voicespice as well as other tools in the future.


Cahyani, A., Nurkamto, J. & Sumardi, S. (2019). Using Voicespice to Spice Up ESP/EFL Teaching. Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology, 4(2),. Retrieved September 26, 2022 from .