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Examination of the Computational Thinking Skills of Students

, , , Konya Necmettin Erbakan University

Journal of Learning and Teaching in Digital Age Volume 2, Number 1, ISSN 2458-8350 Publisher: Mehmet Akif Ocak, PhD


Computational thinking is generally considered as a kind of analytical way of thinking. According to Wings (2008) it shares with mathematical thinking, engineering thinking and scientific thinking in the general ways in which we may use for solving a problem, designing and evaluating complex systems or understanding computability and intelligence as well as the mind and human behaviour. It is generally accepted important that like high order thinking skills the analytical way of thinking should be taught to the children at very early ages. The aim of this study is to investigate the computational thinking skills of secondary school students in terms of different variables. The study group of the research is 160 secondary school students who continue their education at different levels in Konya. The “Computational Thinking Skills Scale” which has been developed by Korkmaz, Çakır and Özden (2015) used for data collection. The scale includes 22 items and it is a 5 point likert type scale. The Cronbach Alpha reliability of the scale has been calculated as 0.80 and it has been found to be valid to measure the computational skills levels of the secondary school students as a result of the analysis. The SPSS programme (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) has been used for data processes of findings of the research.RECEIVED 24 December 2016, REVISED 3 January 2017, ACCEPTED 5 January 2017


Korucu, A., Gencturk, A. & Gundogdu, M. (2017). Examination of the Computational Thinking Skills of Students. Journal of Learning and Teaching in Digital Age, 2(1), 11-19. Mehmet Akif Ocak, PhD. Retrieved December 6, 2022 from .