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A Web-Based Mobile Attendance System with Facial Recognition Feature

, , School of Computing, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Kedah, Malaysia


Attendance marking in a classroom is one of the methods used to track the student’s presence in the lecture. The conventional method that is being enforced has shown to be vulnerable, inaccurate and time-consuming especially in a large classroom. It is difficult to identify absentees and proxy attendees based on the conventional attendance marking method. In order to overcome the challenges faced in the conventional method, a web-based mobile attendance system with facial recognition feature is proposed. It incorporated the existing mobile devices with a camera and the face recognition system to allow the attendance system to be used in classrooms automatically and efficiently with minor implementation requirements. The system prototype received positive responses from the volunteers who tested the system to replace the conventional attendance marking.


Nordin, N. & Mohd Fauzi, N. (2020). A Web-Based Mobile Attendance System with Facial Recognition Feature. International Association of Online Engineering. Retrieved May 30, 2023 from .