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AACE Review (formerly AACE Journal)

July 2005 Volume 13, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. The Future Is Now: A Review of the Literature on the Use of Computers in Early Childhood Education (1994 - 2004)

    Nicola Yelland, Victoria University, Australia

    This article considers the research literature of the past decade pertaining to the use of computers in early childhood education. It notes that there have been considerable changes in all aspects... More

    pp. 201-232

  2. Meaningful Learning with Digital and Online Videos: Theoretical Perspectives

    Päivi Karppinen, University of Lapland, Faculty of Education, Centre for Media Pedagogy, Finland

    In this paper theoretical perspectives for analyzing the pedagogical meaningfulness of using videos in teaching, studying and learning are presented and discussed with a special focus on using... More

    pp. 233-250

  3. A Model of Teacher Professional Development to Support Technology Integration

    Lee Ehman & Curtis J. Bonk, Indiana University, United States; Lisa Yamagata-Lynch, Northern Illinois University, United States

    The purpose of this paper is to report on the professional development model of Teacher Institute for Curriculum Knowledge about Integration of Technology (TICKIT). This paper will situate the... More

    pp. 251-270

  4. Taking Notes on PDAs with Shared Text Input

    Laurent Denoue, FXPAL, United States; Gurminder Singh & Arijit Das, NPS, United States

    ** Invited as a paper from ED-MEDIA 2004 ** This paper presents a system designed to support note taking by students on wirelessly connected PDAs in a classroom. The system leverages the devices'... More

    pp. 271-284